This Week In Fake-Shaming: Sweat-Shaming, Volkswagon-Shaming, Lunch-Shaming & More!

I’ve heard the word shaming so much over the past year, I honestly no longer know what it means. Sociologist, author and shame researcher Brené Brown described shame as a voice in all of our heads that says we’re not good enough. That was from one of her Ted Talks back in 2012 and  astutely sums up the subject at the time, but now the definition of shaming has shifted to something different. Now it’s really just a word we love to attach to other words when people are shitty to us.

Not to shame-shame, but this week, plenty of people have toed this line. Are they overdoing it? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

VOLKSWAGON/DIESEL-SHAMING: Over the weekend Rick Gencarelli, a Volkswagen TDI owner, received an aggressive but not totally wrong note on his car. He then posted it on Lardo’s Instagram page, a sandwich restaurant where he works. This was dubbed diesel shaming, which sounds like its more about muscly dudes than nazi cars. [KATU News]

LUNCH-SHAMING: Tech Insider proposed a solution over the weekend to a problem that is plaguing some parents: lunch-shaming. This trend came to light after several moms and their children were shamed over their sack lunches. The New York Times parenting blog Motherlode suggests packing lunches with cards to give to their teachers, telling them not to comment on their lunch, and call the parents instead. [Tech Insider]

SKINNY-SHAMING: On Monday the gals at The View were gabbing about baby weight, when Raven Symoné chimed in about her contrasting experience after losing weight. She bravely discussed a concept many women have probably though about, but have never said out loud — skinny-shaming. That’s. So. Misguided? [E! Online]

FERTILITY-SHAMING: Emily Bingham’s viral Facebook rant continued to pick up steam when the freelance writer spoke with ABC News on Monday. Making a statement against fertility-shaming, Bingham posted an ultrasound photo of hers, but instead of a baby it came with the message, “This is just a friendly PSA that people’s reproductive and procreative plans and decisions are none of your business.” [ABC News]

JOHN-SHAMING: Tuesday, Vice brought up a growing trend in US and Canadian law enforcement efforts to cut down on prostitution by publicly disclosing clients identities. Sex workers fear that John-shaming actually does more harm than good, forcing them into isolation with less resources and potentially making them more vulnerable to predators. [Vice]

SWEAT-SHAMING: Amy Roe blew the lid off of sweat-shaming in an opinion piece, after being a victim of it at a local Starbucks. Most of us already know that walking into a Starbucks is like entering into a caffeine-fueled shame dungeon. I even shame myself when I’m there over the calories and cost of most orders. When feeling bad about something is the cost of admission, sweat doesn’t seem so bad. [The Guardian]

SORORITY-SHAMING: At an Arizona Diamondbacks game Wednesday night MLB announcers lost it on a group of Alpha Chi Omegas who were taking, “a selfie with a hot dog, selfies with a churro, a selfie just of a selfie.” This was called sorority-shaming, but if anything it’s actually selfie-shaming, and it totally backfired. They LOVED the attention. [TMZ]