Starlee Kine & Conan O’Brien Settle The Matter Of Jake Gyllenhaal’s Height Once And For All

Have you listened to the podcast “Mystery Show”? If not, consider this a direct order to carve out at least a couple hours this weekend, especially because listening to episode five is kind of essential to appreciating this clip from last night’s Conan O’Brien. See, “Mystery Show” is the brainchild of Starlee Kine, the vaguely lisp-y woman you’ll see in the clip above, who solves everyday mysteries — like who originally owned a belt buckle her friend found, which has a tiny toaster on it; whether or not Britney Spears actually read and enjoyed a random, not-at-all popular book she was once photographed carrying; and how tall Jake Gyllenhaal actually is.

The latter became the subject of an episode mostly because of the internet fervor surrounding this mystery, with many people speculating in comment sections that Jake’s heigh was anywhere from between, like, 5′ 9″ and 6′ 3″. Jake himself made an appearance on the podcast, speaking to Starlee on the phone and sharing with her, for the first time, how tall he believed himself to be. Well, on last night’s episode of “Conan,” Jake and Starlee came face to face — and Conan brought his tape measure to settle this mystery with undeniable proof, once and for all.