Meet The Army Veteran Who Was Shot 7 Times Trying To Stop Oregon Mass Shooter

Meet Chris Mintz, the Army veteran who charged at Umpqua Community College mass shooter, Chris Harper Mercer, and attempted to stop him from hurting other students, sustaining seven gunshots in the process. He’s being heralded as a hero, and rightfully so. He’s currently alive, but in serious condition after undergoing surgery. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and everyone else impacted by yet another terrible tragedy. [People]


Scott Disick is rebounding from his breakup from longtime love Kourtney Kardashian by partying with an 18-year-old model/photographer/painter named Lindsay Vrkovnik, who’s studying at Parsons in New York City. Given that she has described her work as having a “feminist” message, I can only hope that dating Disick, who is notoriously foul towards women, is some form of performance art. [People]

Jennifer Lawrence, America’s BFF, is promoting “Mockingjay Part II” by speaking out about the possibility of a Donald Trump presidency (“That will be the end of the world”) and stuffing 10 marshmallows in her mouth (watch above), as you do. [Us Weekly (1); Us Weekly (2)]


This weekend, Miley Cyrus is back to host and perform on “Saturday Night Live.” Watch her give some fashion and beauty tips to cast member Leslie Jones, below. [Us Weekly]

Schooling @lesdogggg on how 2 turn up hurrrrr gramgram before da season premier of @nbcsnl #mileyonsnl #oct3

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This profile in Elle makes me want to eyefuck Michael Fassbender more than ever. [Elle]

Radar Online says that Sandra Bullock recently adopted another child, a sister for her five-year-old son Louis. [Radar Online]