This Week In Accidental Vaginas: A School’s Art Project Titled “Candlelight”

The beauty of art is that it’s open to interpretation. That said, these paintings above look like a bunch of melting Georgia O’Keefes that have been put in the microwave.

The picture, posted by jimmypork, is actually the result of a local school art project titled, “Candlelight,” which partially explains what’s happening here. The Frisky contacted “Mr. Pork” for more information regarding the school, exhibit and age of the artists, but did not receive a response. For now, all we can do is guess what kind of fucked up candles this teacher had in the classroom.


People are understandably having a great time commenting on the photo, which has already received nearly two million hits on Imgur already. Redditor sauvignonomatic wrote, “I think it’s great to let the students know that each individual can have their own unique ‘candlelight’ and that mine doesn’t necessarily look like that other girl’s. Still, it gets everyone hot just the same.”

STILL, if your vagina looks like it’s on fire and/or melting, you should see a doctor. [Reddit]