This Is A Butt Lamp That You Spank To Turn On

Remember the Clapper? The infomercial product that allowed you to clap your hands in order to turn the lights on and off? Maybe it was my age at the time of the Clapper’s reign, but I was dazzled by what seemed to be a technological feat. My bubble was burst when my grandmother actually bought the Clapper and we discovered it only worked roughly 60 percent of the time – you had to clap REALLY LOUDLY to get it to respond, and doing so repeatedly, in hopes of getting the damn thing to work, actually took up way more time and energy than, you know, standing up and walking over to flick the light switch.

Anyway, even though the Clapper actually came up short, I still have a thing for technologically stupid gimmicks, which is why I let out a big “OOOOOH NEATTTTTTT” upon seeing this butt-shaped lamp which you SPANK to turn on. I’m not into spanking children, but I am into spanking consenting adults and consenting lamps. The Slap-It retails for $230, which is kind of pricey for a kinky lamp that can’t return the favor. Maybe someone will buy it for me for my birthday, hint hint. [Incredible Things]