Rick Owens Sends Models 69’ing Down The Runway At Paris Fashion Week

Rick Owens, of the stepping runway and the visible dick runway, has one-upped himself by sending these models down the runway at Paris Fashion Week. They appear to be 69ing. The walking models are clad in a sensible Teva-esque sandal and the general, floppy, tattered rags of a Rick Owens anything. The models attached to the front of their bodies, like giant adult babies hanging in upside-down Baby Bjorns/climbing harnesses, are wearing those crazy invisible-heel shoes that look impossible to walk in.

There is surely some sort of deep sociopolitical commentary buried within the guts of this fashion show — maybe a high-fashion take in support of lesbian sex or a subtle acknowledgement of the exquisite irony present in making shoes that cost thousands of dollars and are impossible to walk in. Rick, what are you thinking? Is this art? Does it matter? What is fashion, anyway, even?!

Anyone with an answer to the above questions and proposed theories, please feel free to email me your answers at [email protected] Thanks in advance!