Just Look At This Asshole: Alabama Develops Clever Way To Keep Black People From Voting

Hey! Remember how “suddenly,” right after Barack Obama was elected, certain states started pushing “Voter ID” laws. As if by magic? And then some of us said, “Hey! It seems like these laws might be a tinge racist/classist and remind us of a rather uncomfortable period in our history!”

And the Voter ID states were like, “Gosh no! This is totally not about that at all! We’re just really worried about voter fraud!” – despite the overwhelming amount of evidence that it’s pretty much just a myth. In fact, when Wisconsin tried to pass a Voter ID law, their own courts were like, “Sorry! Given the fact that you can’t produce a single instance of this ever happening here, for any reason, you’re not gonna go and disenfranchise a bunch of people in order to prevent it!”

One state that did get its Voter ID law, however, was Alabama. And boy did they love it! However, there was a glitch in the system–just too many black people had drivers licenses!

So guess what they’re doing now? GUESS!

They are closing drivers license offices in every single county with more than 75 percent black people! For real! They are literally doing that! In a state where they require you to have an ID in order to be able to vote.

Now, the thing about Alabama is that they haven’t been able to raise enough money to fund the state in three legislative sessions, due to having the 5th lowest taxes in the country. So they need to make cuts somewhere (they’re not going to raise taxes, duh), and closing these offices is one example. They’re already taking $80 million earmarked for education, and probably making cuts other places as well.

Still. I’m gonna say that it is a little more than coincidental that the offices they chose to close all just so happen to be in areas with a majority black population. I sincerely doubt this is a thing they didn’t think through. Fewer black people voting means fewer people voting Democrat, which means that Republicans will be able to retain power over the state.