This Is What Happens When You Mistake Builders’ Foam For Hair Mousse

Builders’ foam is used by handymen and carpenters and people like Ty Pennington to fix leaks, fill gaps and hold things together, like a sort of cement-like glue. Mousse is used to style hair and give it texture, hold and body. When you run out of builders’ foam, you cannot swap in hair mousse. And when you run out of hair mousse, you cannot swap in builders’ foam. While they maybe look kind of similar out of the can, these two products are not interchangeable, as the mystery woman above discovered when she accidentally tried to style her hair with builders’ foam and ended up in the hospital. As you can see, builders’ foam expands. A lot.

It’s unclear who this woman is, though she is believed to be of Eastern-European descent and appears to be both pissed off about the predicament on her head and thankfully otherwise healthy. I have so, so, so many questions for her. Did she use TONS of it on her head or did it really expand that much? How exactly did she mix up a can of builders’ foam with mousse? Was she not wearing her glasses? Did she keep the cans in the same place for some odd reason? Has she considered switching to pomade or a styling creme instead? And, be honest, has this happened before, because her facial expression is giving me, “Dammit, not again.” [Daily Mail]