Syrian Girl From “Last Week Tonight” Segment Scores Soap Opera Scene: “This Is My Lucky Day!”

If you watched the latest episode of John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight,” you’ll remember that there was a segment featuring interviews with a completely charming 16-year-old disabled Syrian refugee named Noujain Mustaffa. Mustaffa wants to become an astronaut so that she can meet an alien, and really, really loves “Days of Our Lives.” She even used the soap opera to learn English!

At the end of the segment, Oliver & Co. gave Mustaffa a gift: They convinced the folks at “Days of Our Lives” to temporarily resurrect her favorite character, EJ, for a short scene that talks about the migrant crisis and name-drops Mustaffa specifically.

Mustaffa is now safe in Germany and has seen Oliver’s segment. She uploaded a video to YouTube in reaction, saying, “This is my lucky day!” She said she was grateful for the scene, and used the opportunity to thank the people who carried her in her wheelchair in the 4,000-mile journey from Syria to Germany.

“But on my lucky day, I have something to say to the victims of the wars around the world,” she continued. “You’re stronger and braver than you think. Fight for what you want, and I’m sure you will get it.”


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