L.L. Bean Duck Boots Will Be Impossible To Get Soon, So Try These Boots Instead

L.L Bean’s duck boots are in danger of being sold out (again) before the very first flakes have touched down on this fair, hot earth. If you’ve had your heart set on owning a pair of these since you saw them on your best friend from boarding school or countless, faceless fashion-y people wearing down comforters and slouchy beanies last year, unless you hustle over to L.L. Bean right the fuck now you’re gonna be out of luck.

According to Bloomberg Business, the company is on track to sell 500,000 pairs of boots this year. Great for L.L Bean! Not so great for you, your cousin, your mom and your friend who just moved somewhere cold for winter and doesn’t understand the concept of seasons. You have two options this year: chance it and throw your hat in the ring for a pair of boots that you might not get till April or buy literally any other pair of winter boots.

L.L. Bean duck boots are great. They’re a classic for a reason. They’re warm, waterproof, low-profile, not too bulky and lend a charming, boarding-school-bad-gal insouciance to pretty much everything you wear. “Oh, this old Shetland sweater and this Barbour?” you say to yourself as you lace up your boots and head out into the snow. “I’ve had these for yee-aaaaahhhhrs.” 

Join the rest of the sheeple and get yourself some duck boots, if you must. But if you want winter shoes that are SURE to arrive in time for winter, here are some other options.


Winter is cruel and those slush puddles at the corner of every intersection are actually 6 inches deep as opposed to the harmless 2-3 inches you think they might be. Don’t fuck around and just get these Sorel goddamn winter boots. They’re under $200, are warm and waterproof and heavy duty. Fuck a duck boot, get a Caribou. [$150, Sorel]


Are these “cute”? Depends your definition. Who gives a shit about looking “cute” when it’s the third week of 20 degrees or less, and you still have to go to work? Just get these Baffin boots. You’ll be warm. You can wear them with leggings and a big sweater and work on your apres ski face. [$189, Baffin]


These are Uggs. They are practical. They will look fine with sweaters. You will be warm. Don’t you treasure being warm? Best of all, they won’t sell out because Uggs are not the purview of hypebeasts. [$225, Ugg]


If you were a stable girl or if you want to just pretend like you are, these boots from Bogs are fine, and they’re waterproof and they’re lightweight and my god, just go get them, close that tab, it’s gonna be fine. [$100, Bogs]