FLDS Leader Warren Jeffs’ Children Say He Sexually Abused Them

We’ve all known for a long time that Warren Jeffs, the leader of the polygamous FLDS cult, is a creepy motherfucker. That’s why he’s in jail. Well, technically he’s in jail for two felony counts of child sexual abuse, but it’s also widely known that Jeffs arranged marriages between older men and underage girls.

However, one thing that didn’t come out in 2010 after the raid on the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints compound in Colorado City, Arizona, was that Jeffs was also molesting his own children.

Tonight, on an episode of Lisa Ling’s documentary series “This Is Life,” Becky and Roy Jeffs speak out for the first time to say that their father also molested them. Both are adults now and have recently left the cult.

Although Jeffs is in jail, he is still the leader and prophet of the FLDS.

For a 10-minute preview of the show, go to CNNgo.com.