Fall Fashion: 5 Coat & Jacket Trends To Help You Transition

As much as I rant and rave about how much I hate anything close to resembling cold weather — I am pretty sure I have said “fuck fall” at least 20 times this week — I must admit that I’ve gotten kind of excited about doing some “necessary” stocking up of my fall wardrobe. Listen, it’s not my fault that the season basically demands that you dress in layers to accommodate the range in temperatures and weather snafus, and therefore I — and you, if you are also looking for an excuse to shop — need more clothing to layer with. One item in particular that is especially essential? A fall jacket. There have been SO MANY OCCASIONS during fall where I’ve needed a jacket to wear over, say, a dress at an evening wedding, or a light coat to where for a date on a chilly night, and my only options were a denim jacket (too casual), a green anorak (not warm enough) and my winter coats (too heavy). I have a hunch many of you can empathize. Let’s rectify this seasonal wardrobe dilemma buy snatching up one (or more!) of these fall outerwear trends.

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