Anti-Vaxxers Think Cathriona White Was Murdered By “Big Pharma”

You know, the odd thing about conspiracy theorists is that in spite of thinking of themselves as skeptics of some kind, they will literally believe almost anything. Particularly if it is both incredibly unlikely and completely absurd — just so long as it validates whatever strongly held (and often ridiculous) belief they have about the way the world works.

Today’s example? Members of the “Vaccine Resistance Movement,” an anti-vaxx group on Facebook, are promoting a theory that Cathriona White, Jim Carrey’s ex-girlfriend, did not commit suicide, but was in fact murdered by Big Pharma in order to punish Jim Carrey for speaking out against vaccines. Seriously.

cathriona white anti-vaxx conspiracists

Each of these posts has a ton of comments from fellow vaccine resistors — many of which mention “the doctors.” According to some, at least 12 homeopaths (psst, homeopaths are not doctors, they are weirdos who believe water has a memory, which it doesn’t) have been murdered by Big Pharma and the FDA as part of some kind of conspiracy to prevent people from finding out “the truth” that vaccines cause autism, or like, proof that pseudoscience is better than actual science.

I looked into this, and apparently it is a whole thing, and there is an entire article on Snopes debunking it. However, long story short: No, Big Pharma and the FDA are not going around offing alternative medicine practitioners around the country, because that is completely ridiculous.

The thing people in this mindset don’t understand though is that Jim Carrey ranting about mandatory vaccines on Twitter is not exactly going to convince people who are not batshit crazy to begin with. We will just make fun of Jim Carrey ranting about vaccines and then go about our day. Then we will work to advocate for laws requiring mandatory vaccines for school children, because we’d really prefer to not have another measles outbreak. Or whooping cough. Or rubella. Or polio! Especially polio! I mean, shit, one anti-vaxxer takes a trip to Nigeria, Pakistan or Afghanistan, and it’s iron lung city here for unvaccinated children.

Though perhaps these people would all prefer that to the things they imagine vaccines do?

[h/t The Superficial]