Trevor Noah’s First “Daily Show” Outing Goes Pretty Okay, All Things Considering

Last night, Trevor Noah put on his best tie, his nicest suit and sat behind the desk that had previously housed Jon Stewart, to become the second “Daily Show” host in the history of the show. Our assessment? Not too shabby. He paid tribute to Stewart, but made note that America has a new “stepdad,” and a Black one at that. With the expected jabs at the fact that he’s not American aside, he pretty much nailed it. It’s refreshing to see a different face take on the fuckery of American politics and culture, and though it seems that Noah’s reaching a little for making #viral #hitz, there’s obviously still time for him to settle into his new role and figure out what’s good for him.

Watch the opening monologue above while you quietly pack away the remainder of your Jon Stewart tribute altar.