The Frisky Investigates: Hey Miss Italy, Are You Okay?

Last week, Alice Sabatini was crowned Miss Italia but her comments during the pageant also have awarded her a permanent spot in the pageant faux pas hall of fame. First, before she was crowned, she told the  judges that if she could live in any historical time she’d pick 1942. Oops. Not only was that a weirdly specific response, but it kind of made it seem like she wanted to live under Mussolini’s fascist and anti-Semitic dictatorship.

“You know we always read pages and pages on the WWII and I would like to experience it, though obviously being a woman I would have just stayed home and wouldn’t have to be a soldier,” Sabatini explained in a translation obtained by The Independent. Shout out to the judges who didn’t follow up with, “So, how do you feel about Jewish people?”

In competitions like this, historical questions are usually a trap and embarrassing answers are nothing new. Still, there were other indicators that Miss Italia might not be your average pageant girl — mostly, her less than discrete Michael Jordan tattoo. She is a basketball player, but it is a bit much. (We love it.)

Perhaps in attempt to clarify the Jordan tat, Sabatini left us with even more questions when she received the “Tapiro d’Oro” (Golden Tapir), a mock award from a satirical Italian news program, for her 1942 gaffe. There she was asked which Italian historical figure she admired and, naturally, she answered, “Michael Jordan.”

While it’s not clear if she meant that as a joke, judging from her tattoo and Instagram, she takes her love for Michael Jordan very seriously.

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No shade Miss Italia, we’re just wondering what your deal is and want to make sure you’re OK. As long as you’re good, we’re looking forward to watching you do more weird stuff. Viva Italia, but also go Bulls! [Daily Mail]