Thank God! NBC To Produce Comedy “Manhood,” All About Being A Man

What joy! What wonder! How exciting! What great news out of Hollywood! Deadline reports that NBC has bought “Manhood”, a comedy about, yes, you guessed it, MEN! Imagine that! A comedy about men, America’s most underserved community. Here’s a description of this groundbreaking pilot that will surely shatter glass ceilings everywhere and allow men the valuable space they need to make their opinions known:

It centers on three men who explore different sides of masculinity in a weekly men’s group meeting, where they cry, beat drums and fire-walk to find the answer.

Wowie. What progress! This development deal hits at a time when America — nay, the world — is crying out in vain for well-produced, multi-camera, laugh-tracked sitcoms about the struggles of modern masculinity. We’re so blessed to live in a world where these men, pictured below, can tell their story, with the full support of network television. As Drake and Future put it so succinctly, what a time to be alive.