Peaches Talks Terry Richardson And Getting Naked

The indomitable Peaches gave a predictably rad interview to The Daily Beast wherein she talked about being the fairy godmother of the genderqueer revolution that’s going on today, why she left her old label and started a new one, and why molester-with-a-photography-hobby Terry Richardson is a total creep. Some highlights:

  • On Miley Cyrus at the VMAs: “Ugh, I just think it’s time for everyone to fucking get naked. What’s the point when Miley Cyrus wears two little suspenders or whatever [the outfit Cyrus wore to the VMAs]? “Look, I’m skimpier than you!” Just get fucking naked. Why do we have these problems? Really all we have is our bodies. […] It’s like a contest of how close you can get to being naked without being naked.”


  • On the rest of America catching up with her: “It’s exciting. It’s exciting that people are willing to talk about it and they don’t see me as a weirdo freak. They find me important. It doesn’t change me. I’m not like, “I told you so,” or whatever. And I’m also on my guard a bit because you still have people like Kim Davis, you know what I mean? Things are going exponentially in all directions.”
  • On Congress: “Congress should get naked. No money in ya pocket, get naked!”
  • On her terror over Terry Richardson: “I don’t understand. I really don’t understand. He’s getting more famous and getting accolades—and he obviously has so many issues. Father issues. He’s very scary. I know people I could call and they could confirm. It’s not a joke. It’s not a fucking joke. I don’t even know. He’s not even a great photographer.”

Check out the full interview here!


[The Daily Beast]
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