That Anti-Gay Pizza Place Got Tricked Into Catering A Gay Wedding

Hey! Remember back in April when that random pizza place in Indiana announced that they wouldn’t cater gay weddings? Because Jesus? And then they were all sad because the internet was MEAN to them and they said they had to go into hiding? And then other bigots raised a bunch of money for them because they felt bad about how the internet was mean to them just because they were weird bigots who thought they’d go to hell or something if they catered a gay wedding?

Well guess what? They just did.

Chicagoan Robin Treviño of the comedy troupe GayCo married his husband back in 2008 before same-sex marriage was illegal, but had an official ceremony last week, and figured who better to cater their wedding than the notorious Memories Pizza.

So, Treviño drove up to Walkerton, Indiana, ordered two large pizzas and brought them back to serve at his gay wedding. Which is pretty much the best thing ever!

Of course, this does mean that the bigoted pizza place made some money — but it’s definitely hilarious enough to be worth it. No word yet on whether they know about the trickery, but I’d sure love to see their faces when they find out.