Do You Want To Try Beard Beer, The Beer That’s Brewed With Beard Yeast?

There’s yeast in them beards, boys. You can do all sorts of things with this yeast. You can make bread. You could make a sourdough starter. And, if you’re really crazy and dedicated to your craft, you can do what John Maier, head brewmaster at Rogue Brewery did, and harvest yeast from your old-ass beard and use it to brew some beer.

That is what Beard Beer is — beer brewed from the yeast on the  “old growth beard” on John Maier’s face. The beard has been there since 1978. The yeast has been festering. So! If you live in a state where Rogue is readily available, find this beer. Drink this beer. Tell us all about this beer. Let us know if you can stomach drinking beer that started out with someone else’s face-yeast. Thank you. [Eater]