Watch The Pope Bless His Very Own Mini-Me

While you were busy planning for your Super Moon party over the weekend, Pope Francis crossed paths with something of similar cosmic importance — BABY POPE. Parents Daniel and Dana Madden attended the papal parade in Philadelphia on Saturday with their infant daughter Quinn dressed like Pope Francis, because imitation is the sincerest form of preciousness.

CREDIT: Facebook

The video at the top is significant for several reasons:

It shows that Pope Francis is perceived as cute and docile enough to be compared to a baby (Baby Pope Benedict would’ve been scary enough to shut down the entire parade).

It further supports the notion that all babies look like old men.

It forced the Pope to confront how far his anti-capitalist stance really goes. After all, costumes for babies are peak economic waste. But they are also cute, which is probably why the Pope “giggled” instead of lecturing Baby Pope on how his outfit is the “dung of the devil.”

Great job Baby Pope! You made us feel so many things and totally upstaged this baby, not to mention Pizza Rat and those tailgating nuns. [Us Weekly]