Kim Davis’ Lawyer Claims 100K Peruvians Held A Rally For Her (They Did Not)

Oh gosh, now this is actually just sad. It seems that the Liberty Counsel, the firm representing Kim Davis, is trying to pretend like 100,000 Peruvians got together last week to pray for her, when in fact they did not.

Over the weekend, Mat Staver, Davis’ lawyer, presented this photograph as evidence of the prayer rally at the Values Voters Summit. The picture had previously been tweeted by his Liberty Counsel buddy, conservative blogger Matt Barber:

Barber posted the image a second time on Sunday, claiming that the rally had been organized by Peruvian Congressman Julio Rosas:

I guess it would have been pretty amazing indeed, had 100K Peruvians rallied for the right of Kim Davis to not do her job. Except that it did not happen! The picture Barber and Staver used? That was from a five day prayer rally called “Jesús Te Ama Y Te Cambia” (“Jesus Loves You And Changes You”), which was held in May of 2014.

After Barber posted the image, internet sleuths quickly figured out that the “event” was held at Estadio Universidad Nacional Mayor San Marcos at the National University of San Marcos, and then compared the picture to videos of the 2014 rally held there, confirming that the picture Staver and Barber shared was from that event. A pink banner seen in the photograph, specifically, appears to have been a banner from the event.


Neither Barber nor Staver have since acknowledged that the photo was not real, nor have they explained why (or hell, if) they thought this was a thing that really happened. I mean, I suppose it is possible to think such a thing. I’m sure I could look at, say, a headline on something like this Buzzfeed article and just assume it’s about me:

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 1.37.01 PM

Or look at this crowd of One Direction fans and assume that they were actually screaming for me, simply clamoring for another blog post about whatever is going on with Josh Duggar:

12/10/2013 CHP: 12/10/2013 CHP: One Direction fan

It’s easy to get confused about these things sometimes, particularly if one has no interest or grounding in reality or is, in fact, completely delusional. Which I would say is quite characteristic of the Liberty Counsel in general.