Dreams Do Come True: Watch Eddie Vedder & Beyonce Perform “Redemption Song” At The Global Citizens Festival

I need to learn to trust my gut more often. On Friday, I was telling the rest of the Frisky ladies that I was scrambling to find a last minute ticket to the Global Citizens Festival in Central Park, on account of the fact that Beyonce and Pearl Jam (my favorite band since music became important to me) were performing back to back, and I had a hunch Bey would come out to sing with them. Most everyone seemed to think that was an unlikely fantasy, and I ended up talking myself out of buying a super pricey ticket because Pearl Jam’s festival setlists are typically too predictable AND short to be worth the money. Turns out, I was right on all accounts. Pearl Jam’s setlist was for the most part predictable (I guessed 6 out of 9 songs correctly, which is fairly impressive given their large catalogue) and OH WHAT’S THAT?? BEYONCE DID COME OUT AND PERFORM WITH THEM! I am some sort of oracle, you guys. I’m never ignoring my gut instinct in regards to live musical collabs again. Watch Bey sit down across from Ed for an acoustic rendition of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song” above!