Pope Francis Says ‘God Weeps’ For Child Sexual Abuse Victims Of The Clergy

On the Pope’s final day of his historic United States visit, Francis met with Bishops in Philadelphia and brought up the Catholic church’s darkest secrets.

He said that all those responsible for the sexual abuse of youth by the clergy will be held accountable.

Francis said “God weeps” for the child victims and that “The people who had the responsibility to take care of these tender ones violated that trust and caused them great pain.”

DAMN, Pope Francis throwing some truth bombs out there right now. It’s about freaking time.

The site of the Pope’s unscheduled meeting this morning was St. Charles Borromeo Seminary which also happened to be the spot where the local archdiocese was the subject of two grand jury reports (2005 and 2011) where officials uncovered years of inaction from the church leaders to stop priests from raping and molesting kids.

The priest in charge of personnel at the time was convicted of child endangerment in 2012(!)

Pope Francis does not fuck around you guys.