Got An Hour? Convince Yourself That Anne Hathaway Really Isn’t ThatBad, Listen To Fetty Wap

Oh god, it’s already fall. TV has started. Movies have started. Music has started. Basically, you’re assaulted from every single corner of everywhere with NEW OMG STUFF READ CONSUME. Relax. It’s all going to be there at the end of the day. We’re not going to do that to you. Heres just a couple of things you could read, pick up look at or enjoy this weekend — if you want! If you want to lay down in a patch of sun without your clothes on like an animal, you can do that too.

No one likes Anne Hathaway! But, maybe you should consider re-liking her. “The Intern” is out! Go see that, if you want. I hear she’s likable! Or at least, not try-hard anymore. Read Anne Helen Petersen on that phenomenon here, and then form your own opinions. [Buzzfeed]

Our contributor and Lights, Camera, ACTION columnist Rachel Vorona Cote wrote a beautiful exploration of the female friendships in “Heavenly Creatures,” so if you can’t get enough of the stabb-y, twisty, emotionally-charged shit that happens between girls who are friends, go read it. Right now. Go. [Jezebel]

And now, a meditation on beauty experimentation and presenting for trans women and non-binary people from the beautiful, elegant cyborg Arabelle Sicardi over at Refinery29. “Beauty is not a toothless enterprise,” she writes. Lordy. [Refinery29]

Here is just a gentle suggestion of music you could listen to this weekend if you so desire.

  • Fetty Wap finally dropped his debut. It sounds great loud as hell in your bedroom while you put on mascara, but even better in the car. Try! Trust us.
  • Everyone and their mom and their cousin and the person next door are talking about “Hamilton” which is a musical that retells the story of Alexander Hamilton, but all of the characters are not white and there’s rapping. Does that sound like a nightmare? Yes, but listen to the two-hour long soundtrack, and decide for yourself.
  • “What A Time To Be Alive” is both a motto, something I say every day and the name of Future and Drake’s mixtape. If you refused to pay money for a mixtape on iTunes, bully for you. Now it’s on Spotify. Get over there.
  • If you like melodramatic Scottish vocals sung over electronic love songs made for robots, then CHVRCHES’ sophomore effort is just the ticket. It’s called “Every Open Eye.” It is nice. Try it.