White Dude Shoots Self In Penis And Tries To Blame It On A Black Man

A South Dakota convicted felon, Donald Anthony Watson (43), is currently in custody after telling the police that he was shot in the penis by a “black guy” when in reality he actually shot himself in his own goddamn penis, while trying to buy an illegal gun. What the fuck, right?

According to the arrest report, Watson lied about  “a black guy (who) tried to rob” him while he was taking out the trash at his apartment as a way of covering up his crime. That’s right, blame it on a black man.

After police pressed him during questioning, the self-dick shooter admitted that he fabricated the whole story, and was actually at an illegal gun shop and admiring a handgun he was thinking about buying when it all went down. When he put the gun in his pocket, it fired and a bullet hit his wang.

Good job shooting your own dick while being racist.