Teen Girl Gets Hepatitis From Drinking Too Much Green Tea

In an effort to lose weight rapidly (and very unhealthily it would appear), a 16 year old London teen tested positive for Hepatitis which she developed after drinking an absurd amount of “weight loss” green tea which she bought online.

The teen went to her doctor because of nausea, joint pain and other abdominal pains. The doctors then gave her antibiotics thinking that she perhaps had an infection, only to have her return to the emergency room later with worsening symptoms – including jaundice. Gross.

Don’t worry though green tea enthusiasts, doctors say that moderate amounts of normal green tea are very beneficial, but that in this case, it appears that there were other chemicals added for more rapid weight loss which triggered the liver damage from the hepatitis.

Lessons from this are: Teens, please stop trying to lose weight, you’re beautiful! Also, do not buy tea online because what the hell! I really thought you got hepatitis from sex and needles and stuff, and I was dead wrong.