Some Mormons Think This Weekend’s ‘Blood Moon’ Is A Sign Of The Apocalypse

Set your DVRs so that you can watch your Sunday shows another time, and instead run outside to gaze at the powerful and beautiful upcoming Blood Moon. It is a rare confluence of a lunar eclipse and a “supermoon” which will surely produce a stunning display of space beauty. The next time this will happen is not for another 18 years so be sure to catch it!

Some groups however,  have taken it to mean something more than just normal planetary, moon, and orbit stuff which occurs in the universe due to science.

A bunch of Mormons have reportedly decided that this confluence means it’s finally the End of Days due to apocalyptic statements by a Mormon author. The Church of Latter Day Saints was thus compelled to issue a statement telling everyone to calm the heck down not get caught up in hype.

Apparently, the Mormons aren’t alone; some people from other religions also fear a doomsday scenario, including a Christian pastor in Texas who has written a book predicting a post Blood Moon catastrophe.

Personally, I’m going to see this event as a menstrual celebration and run naked in the night streets eating the hearts of men. Just kidding, I’ll probably watch from my couch out of the window in my pajamas.