The Pope Is So High Fashion, Here Are His Best Looks!!!

Pope Francis has descended upon New York City, dragging his papal vestments through our dirty streets, waving giant scepters, waving swingy golden incense holders and causing traffic jams, street closures and general mayhem. Do you like the Pope? Do you care about his Holiness and all that he represents? Are you one of those people waiting in a giant glut of other people, thrusting a camera in the air, aching to get glimpse of an old man wearing a dress, riding slowly through the crowd in a truck tricked-out in bulletproof glass? Catching a looksie of his face is pretty rad, but the most inspiring thing about Pope Francis is his clothes.

Catholicism is full of pomp and circumstance. There are ceremonies and candles and antiquated rituals, holdovers from medieval times that still somehow find a way to cling to relevancy. You can look at the dogma of the church and see whatever it is you want, but anyone with eyes can see the truth: the papacy has the best fucking outfits, hands down.

Any of the Pope’s robes, caftans, muumuus or those fly-as-fuck bespoke red loafers would be equally at home on the body of Andre Leon Talley as daywear or an Upper East Side society matron aging gracefully into her dotage. They are ornamental, decadent, fancy garments, meant not only for the holy sanctity of the Vatican but for the streets, too. Let’s take a closer look.


That print! Not quite ikat, but not subtle either. Remove all that flowy white fabric underneath, belt the whole thing and I would wear that to dinner.

Departure of Pope Francis for his apostolic trip to Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay

Category is: Executive realness. AND IT WORKS.

Pope Francis Attends Midday Prayer At St Matthew The Apostle Church In DC

His Holiness loves a pop of color, just like you.

Evening Prayer Service At New York's St. Patrick's Cathedral Led By Pope Francis


Pope Francis Attends The Corpus Christi Solemnity at Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica

Living for this cape. Would wear this cape. Looks cozy right? Imagine it a tad shorter, tossed over a sweater and some jeans and a tall boot. Wear it to all your outdoor winter parties. Wear it on Tuesdays. Wear it always. Never take it off. Sleep in it.


Look at Jesus’s BFF mixing neutrals like a champ. Also, that trim! Slay, Pope. Slay.