Kim Davis Thinks Her Discrimination Is A Special Discrimination

So! On Wednesday night, Kim Davis sat down to have a chat with Megyn Kelly and talked all about her feelings and her justification for being a ridiculous ass clown in regards to this whole same-sex marriage thing. Unsurprisingly, there were a lot of gems. Like the fact that she started right out of the gate saying that whether she’s a villain or a heroine depends on “if you love god or not.” Which is probably pretty insulting if you think she’s awful and also believe in god, which I imagine is a pretty common thing!

She also insisted that this wasn’t about “gays and lesbians,” but about her religious belief that two people of the same sex should not get married.

But here’s what really hit him home for me.

Megyn Kelly said, “The argument on the other side is, well, if we’re gonna give a religious accommodation to someone like Kim Davis, then we’re gonna have to give a religious accommodation to an untold number of people,” and then gave an example of a Catholic clerk who might not want to give divorce papers, or a Muslim clerk who might not want to marry a Muslim to a Christian.

Davis responded by saying that this argument didn’t have any validity, because god said that only men and women could get married. Even though I’m pretty sure god also said that you can’t get divorced. She tried to explain that this wasn’t like, a “black and white issue” or a “racial issue” where she wasn’t going to allow black people to marry white people or something like that.

But guess what, Kim Davis! That used to be a huge, huge thing. As recently as 1983, that was a huge thing. In fact, a lot of the Christian Right’s rise to power can be seen as a result of opposition against the Supreme Court ruling that the IRS could revoke the tax-exempt status of Bob Jones University due to their refusal to admit students involved in interracial relationships. Previously, they had not allowed black students, and then only allowed married black students. Specifically because they believed that god said that interracial marriage was bad. That was their religious belief.

How, Kim Davis, is their sincerely held religious belief so very different from your sincerely held religious belief?

In fact, literally nearly every instance of discrimination in this country has been bolstered by the Bible. People used the Bible to defend slavery, to oppose women’s rights, Jim Crow laws, anti-miscegenation laws — pretty much anything you can think of.

You are not special, Kim Davis. We have all seen this movie before. Here you are, saying it’s not about “gays and lesbians” but about your sincerely held religious belief that two people of the same sex should not get married. Saying that the law should make an exception for you and people who think like you.

And here is Lester Maddox, who believed desegregation was “un-godly, un-Christian and un-American” saying the exact same thing.

That was in 1964, a year before you were born. This has been going on for a very, very long time. People have been saying the same things as you for a very, very long time. Just about different subjects.

Not only has that argument been used to death, it has never held up. In every single instance these people have lost. Lester Maddox lost. Bob Jones University lost. Kim Davis lost. It’s time to learn your lesson.

The right of gay people to get married like anyone else supersedes your preference that they not get married because it violates your religion. You have the right to practice your religion all you want, you do not have the right to demand that others follow it. Particularly insofar as you are acting as an agent of the government.