Janet Jackson And Missy Elliot’s New Song Is Literally And Figuratively The Flames Emoji

AHHHHSDFHKHGKHSDL Janet Jackson and Missy Elliot are on a song together, it’s called “Burn It Up,” it’s very good. It is very, very good. Here, just listen to it. Janet’s album is out on October 2nd, BTW.

Noted British Sad Person™ Sam Smith is the voice behind the latest James Bond theme. The theme song was released today ahead of the movie “Spectre,” which is out November 6th. The song itself is standard Smith — soaring falsetto, tremulous low notes — and is a nice addition to the canon of James Bond theme song classics. The jury is still out as to whether or not Sam Smith will ever release a song that’s, you know, happy. [Rolling Stone]

Hey, Usher and his secret girlfriend Grace Miguel got secret married and went on secret honeymoon in secret Habana and yay we’re so happy because look at them, they’re happy right? [Us Weekly]


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Hmmm, are you tired of Jimmy Fallon yet? Are you? Are you sure? You still like him? You still watch “The Tonight Show”? Here, maybe this video of him doing a barbershop quartet rendition of “Bitch Better Have My Money” (with Joseph Gordon-Levitt) will change your mind.

Grace Jones, queen of my heart, requires fresh oysters and good wine in her dressing room, as per her tour rider, which Gawker published — with permission, you ninnies, relax.  The most important thing to know: “Grace does her own shucking.”  She shucks her own goddamn oysters. What a treasure. [Defamer]

Anne Hathaway’s likability tour continues, and I think she’s doing a better job than she did the last time around. Here’s a cute video of her spoofing the end of every romantic comedy every, except it’s about late night television and Seth Meyers is there. [The Hollywood Reporter]

King Kylie has “dethroned” Kim Kardashian, and I guess she’s okay with that? Or, at least Kim is going to “pass the baton” to her when it’s her time? Also, what? [People]

Blair Waldorf and Seth Cohen’s inter-network love has produced a baby girl they’ve named Arlo Day, which is the name of a B-list celebrity’s lifestyle brand or a store somewhere in the middle of the country that sells upscale crop tops and always smells like candles. Congrats! [Dlisted]