8-Year-Old Girl Suspended For Wearing The Wrong Shade of Green

An eight-year-old girl was suspended by her public elementary school, Winslow Township No. 4, for wearing a shirt that was the wrong shade of green. The school’s dress code specifies that children can wear only white, dark green, and navy blue shirts, and the girl came to school in a kelly green shirt. Not sent home, mind you – full-out suspended, even if only for a day. She has a mark on her academic record, now, because she so-shamefully judged kelly green to be dark enough for school attire. What an egregious and obviously intentional flouting of school policy! What harm she has done to her classmates!

Here’s what kelly green looks like, according to Pantone:

kelly green

Is that not a dark green? Or at least dark-ish? Like, what level of dark do we have to get to before you don’t get suspended? Forest green, hunter green? Is olive green dark? Army green? Does bottle green have too much blue in it? Is midnight green too dark?

The school’s dress code says that “school attire can influence a pupil’s behavior and potentially impact the academic environment.” Sure, but this seems to be unevenly applied: if you look through the photo galleries on Winslow Elementary No. 4’s web site, you’ll see children engaged in classroom activities wearing red shirts, gray shirts, white shirts striped with navy blue, yes, but with other shades of blue as well. You’ll see kids wearing white, navy, and dark green shirts that are covered up with sweatshirts of all sorts of colors. Does outerwear count? And what if a child or an administrator is colorblind? What then? What then, I say?

We need the truth, Winslow Township!

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