Trump Calls Hillary Clinton “Shrill” And Claims She’s The Real Birther

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump (the five worst words in the world, there) has turned his sights briefly away from appraising Carly Fiorina’s looks and taking digs at the other male Republican contenders to focus on what really matters — spouting horse dung about Hillary Clinton.

First, at a rally in South Carolina, he called Hillary Clinton shrill, repeating himself a few times in the span of about 30 seconds: ““Hillary, who is very shrill — do you know the word ‘shrill’? She can be kind of sha-riiiiill,” intoning upward on the last. Did he elaborate? Did he say what he meant by “shrill”? Did he give any examples of Hillary Clinton speaking in a high-pitched tone? No, of course not. He just repeated the word over and over, hoping that it would catch on with his supporters, which, let’s be honest, it probably did. And yes, it’s sexist, because as Fast Company explains:

“Studies have found that women who succeed in male domains (violating incompetence) are disliked, women who promote themselves (violating modesty) are less hirable, women who negotiate for higher pay (violating passivity) are penalized, and women who express anger (violating warmth) are given lower status.”

Hillary Clinton does her job, and as a public servant, she’s had to assert herself to do it. That’s what Trump is really referring to, here, when he called her “shrill.” But between Trump and Clinton, I’d say this wins out for shrillness:

And then! Trump tried to blame Clinton for the “birther” scandal, claiming that “in 2008 she was the original birther. She’s the one that started the whole thing. Hillary is a birther.” And on Twitter:

If you want a detailed analysis of why anyone would think that Clinton was a birther, has a great disassembly of this lie. There were certain Clinton 2008 supporters who, jilted after her endorsement of Barack Obama, started the rumor that Obama was born in Kenya and had his birth “registered” in the United States. Clinton never jumped on the bandwagon, but guess who did? Trump promoted the idea that Obama wasn’t a natural-born citizen for years.

For catharsis, I suggest watching Barack Obama shred Donald Trump to bits over the birther scandal at the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner:

Remember, folks: Over half the statements Donald Trump has made during the course of his campaign fall in the range of completely to flamingly false, and as of right now he has released official positions on all of two-count-’em-two issues. The man is running his campaign on a foundation of hot air. It has to give out sometime.

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