Patrick Kane Rape Case: Evidence Tampered With, Left On Alleged Victim’s Mother’s Doorstep

If you’re not a sports fan, or not a Chicagoan, or not from Buffalo, you may not remember that Blackhawks right wing Patrick Kane was accused of raping a woman in his hometown of Buffalo a few months ago. The investigation has gone precisely as you’d expect, except with new horrifying twists!

For one, the Buffalo News published a story claiming that leaked DNA results from the rape kit showed that Kane’s DNA wasn’t on the woman’s genitals but was on her back and under her fingernails. And this raises all sorts of questions, like: Is this information accurate? Are those the true results of the DNA test? If so, who leaked them and why?

Then, and this is creepy beyond all belief, the evidence bag containing the rape kit was found on the accuser’s mother’s doorstep. Let that sink in. Your daughter is embroiled in a rape case involving a very famous man who has a lot of fans in your hometown. You open your door, and there’s the rape kit, in an evidence bag that had to be taken from the Buffalo police. It’s an intimidation tactic. It’s someone saying “we know where you live” by discarding evidence of your daughter’s rape on your doorstep. And in all probability, that person has something to do with your local PD.

And then! Then Kane’s lawyer, Paul Cambria, responds to this news by saying, “The evidence technician who works for the county tested it. He said there was no Patrick Kane, and that’s all I needed to know. We were told other DNA was found, but none of it was from Patrick.” You see what he’s doing, yes? He’s casting doubt on the accuser by implying that she sleeps around. “We were told other DNA was found” – by whom? Who told you? Where’s the evidence? Why is that pertinent?

And in any event, the leaked story was that Kane was found – on the accuser’s back and under her fingernails. Kane’s DNA doesn’t have to be found around her genitals for this to be sexual assault. The Department of Justice defines sexual assault as “any type of sexual contact or behavior that occurs without explicit consent of the recipient.” Attempted rape is sexual assault. Fondling is sexual assault. If someone ejaculated on another person without their consent, it would be sexual assault.

The accuser’s lawyer is seeking an investigation, since the Buffalo police have so clearly mucked it up. Meanwhile, Kane is at training camp, hoping this will all blow over.

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