MRAs Hunt For The Perfect Virgin Continues Unabated With “No Hymen, No Diamond”

One cool thing that men’s rights activists and extremely conservative Christians have in common is the misguided and dangerous belief that a woman’s “purity” is directly related to her virginity. If you’ve spent time poking around in the dirty corners of the internet that these two groups inhabit, this is not news. Their latest attempt at slut-shaming, “No Hymen, No Diamonds,” purports to further their message of female purity. If you’re a woman and your number is low — like, zero — you’re good to go.

Atta boy #NoHymenNoDiamond

Posted by No Hymen No Diamond on Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Daily Dot reports that this pocket of humanity has a Facebook page that’s 1,100 men strong and growing, spreading their dubious message throughout your various social media feeds. If your hymen is intact, the thinking goes, you’re a viable option for marriage. If you can somehow prove to the sentient fedora that stands before you, ring in hand, that your cherry remains unpopped, then lucky, lucky you!

Naturally, this entire shitstorm was created by the fine specimens over at Return Of The King, America’s preeminent MRA forum. What the men behind this situation fail to understand — or willfully ignore – is the fact that your hymen can be broken in a variety of ways. Horseback riding! Tampons! Riding a bike! Existing! Never mind the fact that your virginity or the amount of people you’ve slept with has anything to do with your “purity,” whatever the fuck that means. If you’re reading this, hopefully you already know that.

The likelihood of this stupid campaign gaining any traction beyond the confines of the smelly internet hidey-hole it inhabits is slim. Most people with a rudimentary understanding of physiology and a relatively open mind understand that. But it’s good for women to be on the look out for the kind of toxic garbage that exists on the dating scene. Be warned. And don’t worry, anyone who’s close to decent — with half a brain, half a heart and the tiniest bit of common sense — probably won’t refuse to wife you if your hymen is broken.

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