Everyone Calm Down, The Catholic Church Is Still Sexist And Homophobic

Conservative pundits were concerned that a reception for Pope Francis was intended to “embarrass” him because – oh no – there were religious leaders who were gay, transgender, and supportive of the Affordable Care Act despite its birth control mandate. Mike Huckabee even said that “welcoming a pro-life, pro-marriage leader at the White House with a crowd of abortion and gay rights activists is as classy as hosting an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting with an open bar,” because, of course, being gay or transgender is the same thing as being an addictive substance.

This turned out not to be a problem, of course. The Pope did his spiel about “traditional” families and marriages and voiced concern over religious liberty, President Obama said that of course Americans value religious liberty, and the LGBTQ and women-supportive parties in question really weren’t ever in very much proximity to Pope Francis anyway. Big shrug.

This is being seen as a weird little victory, but, like, over what? Over conservative pundits? That’s a pretty low bar to set. Besides, it’s not like the Pope being able to be in the presence of LGBTQ people without the world ending is an accomplishment for the Church, which is still sexist and homophobic as all get-out.

For example, just look at what’s happened in San Francisco over the last few weeks – a priest in the Castro district, Rev. Jack McClure, has been disallowed to continue his duties because he dared to go to a convention about the ordination of women. The man doesn’t even support the ordination of women, he just was present at a conference that discussed an idea that is not in line with the policies of the Catholic Church. I mean, here’s his just incredibly progressive stance on the issue: “I don’t think they would probably do a very good job of it. But I would be willing to give them 2,000 years to try it, because we really haven’t done all that well all the time either.” That’s what got him fired, basically.


So don’t worry, everyone: The Catholic Church still opposes women and gays. The world is still turning.

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