Carly Fiorina’s “Abortion Video” Is Actually Video Of A Stillborn Baby Named Walter

During the last GOP debates, Carly Fiorina urged President Obama and Hillary Clinton to watch a video she saw of a Planned Parenthood abortion, which she claimed depicted “a fully formed fetus on the table, its heart beating, its legs kicking, while someone says, ‘We have to keep it alive to harvest its brain.’ “

After the debates, anyone with half a brain of their own declared her claim false, and Sarah Kliff of Vox, who said she had watched all 12 hours of the footage shot inside Planned Parenthood centers, said that no such scene was included.

Fiorina, however, stuck to her guns insisting that she had seen the footage, and that it definitely was footage of a Planned Parenthood abortion. She’s even released her own video depicting what she saw, which looks so much like a trailer for a bad action movie that I half expected someone to actually say “IN A WORLD…”

There’s a bit of a problem with this video though! Anna Merlan at Jezebel points out that the footage comes not from the Planned Parenthood tapes, but from the Grantham Collection, which is largely responsible for all those signs you see anti-choicers carrying of “aborted fetuses” and whatnot. As you can imagine, they’re not big on sourcing their pictures over there. Merlan also correctly points out that at no point does anyone say, as Fiorina insisted, “keep it alive so we can remove its brain.”

But here’s the real problem— that’s not an abortion

That’s not speculation, either. I can tell you exactly what, AND WHO, that fetus is. That is Walter Fretz, who was born prematurely at 19 weeks and lived only minutes. The group releasing the video even acknowledged that that’s what and who it was, back in August.

David Daleiden, the founder of Center for Medical Progress, stated, “We never claimed that was an image of an aborted baby. It’s just an illustration of what a baby looks like at the end of the 2nd trimester.”

Here’s the thing–if you have a good point, you don’t have to make shit up. I mean, I can give Fiorina the benefit of the doubt and say that this is what she thought was going on due to the way the film was edited, but I would hope that someone running for President would be a tad more intellectually curious than to just assume that everything they see on YouTube is real.

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