White Jogger Screams About “White Privilege” To White Stroller-Pusher In Downtown Brooklyn

Here is a great and terrifying display of the audacity of whiteness. Please just sit back and watch as a white jogger loses his shit when a white stroller-pusher bumps his legs on a street in Downtown Brooklyn.

UPDATE: You’re gonna have to watch here, as the video has been removed from YouTube because it was sold to Jukin Media, which has not yet made it embeddable.

“The only reason white people like you are living here is because I settled this fucking neighborhood for you!” says our hero, the stark white of his iPhone earbuds clearly visible against his black shorts. Please make sure you turn up the volume as to catch the hearty belly-laughs of the people filming this debacle.

This is my second favorite part: “White privilege! White fucking privilege! You pushed your stroller right into me, and all I say was ‘excuse you,’ and then you said, ‘fuck you fuck you!’ You fucking white trash!”

The bravery of this Columbus! How strong he must be to blaze that trail for the dad and his Bugaboo! What tenacity of spirit! What a fucking hero. [Gothamist]