Stephen Colbert Was Kinda Disappointingly Gentle With Donald Trump

After much hype, Donald Trump finally sat down on Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show” couch for an interview last night — and the results were surprisingly cordial. Aside from asking Trump for his current stance on President Obama’s citizenship — Trump still won’t admit that he was wrong or apologize, instead responding that he “doesn’t talk about that anymore” — Colbert kept things light. The two chitchatted about that big ol’ wall along the Mexican border that Trump wants to build, but the Donald was weirdly subdued too. Was he sick? High on some groovy cold meds? I don’t know, man, this interview felt like a bit of a bore, and while I loathe Trump with every fiber of my body, I rarely find him boring. 

The most entertaining part of the interview was when Trump and Colbert played a little game of “Who Said It?” which you can watch below.