Jeb! Bush Embraces Cultural Fascism, Warns Of “Creeping Multiculturalism”

As much as Jeb! Bush might love his Guacabowle, he would like to let you know that he is no fan of “multiculturalism” and believes the government should have a role in enforcing assimilation. Which, let us just say, is really fucking creepy sounding.

At an Iowa dinner on Tuesday, Bush warned that the country was in danger of “creeping toward multiculturalism,” stating that it was the “wrong approach.”

He also said this:

“America is so much better than every other county because of the values that people share — it defines our national identity. Not race or ethnicity, not where you come from. When you create pockets of isolation — and in some cases the assimilation process is retarded because it’s slowed down — it’s wrong. It limits peoples’ aspirations.”

FIRST OF ALL, it is creepy and rude to say that “America is so much better than every other country.” It’s also, quite frankly, not true.

Second, we are not a country of shared values, at all. I realize that pretending that people who don’t share your values either don’t exist or aren’t “Real Americans” is kind of the Republican way, but be assured, there are lots of us! Which may explain why the GOP has lost the Presidential election for the past two terms.

Third, let’s talk about those pockets of isolation, shall we! The reason those pockets are initially created is because they are where a certain group of people is able to afford to rent and live! Also, if we’re talking about first generation immigrants here, I’m not sure why anyone would think it’s so weird that people would want to be around other people who remind them of home. Hell, I’m excited when I meet someone from the East Coast!

To boot, let’s not forget that there are many, many “pockets of isolation” for white people. Like the entire state of Maine?

Now, you’ve probably noticed that people who live in cities generally tend to be more liberal. Ever wonder why that is? It’s because it’s a little harder to hold certain views when you are interacting with a diverse group of people regularly. Because you get used to being around people who are different than you are. If you ask me, our country ought to be more culturally diverse, not less.

Fourth, it’s not Bush’s damn business to tell people how to live. It’s not his business to tell people to give up their cultural heritage and traditions and language for the purpose of making him and others like him feel more comfortable. Republicans are the ones always complaining about big government supposedly intruding on our lives, but I’d say this is a pretty big intrusion.

The funny thing is, one of the things I actually really value about America is our cultural diversity. Sorry, but pretty much everything that is cool or interesting — or, quite frankly, delicious — in our country was brought here by people Jeb Bush and his anti-multiculturalism cohorts might not consider “American” enough for their tastes. I also value the words carved into the Statue of Liberty. Apparently, Jeb doesn’t.