Anna Duggar Takes Her Kids And Moves In With Her Parents

Hear ye! Hear ye! The latest in Duggar news is upon us! According to a report from InTouch and Radar Online, Anna Duggar has taken her children and moved back in with her parents while her child-molesting, philandering husband supposedly completes his six-month stay at that Christian rehab facility/labor camp he may not really be staying at!

Perhaps you are wondering if this means she’s considering leaving him for good? I’m gonna guess no. Particularly because it’s unlikely that her parents would encourage her to leave him like her brother did. They’re also Quiverfull types and word on the street is that they’d likely tell Anna that all of this is her fault somehow. Quite honestly, she probably just needs some help with the four kids.

This theory is backed up by an inside source who told the magazine, “She’s looking forward to seeing him in a month or two when the first spousal visitation is allowed. She just prays that he gets the help he needs so they can go on with their life together, despite everything he did to her.”


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