7 Things The Pope And Pizza Rat Have In Common

Yesterday, Pope Francis arrived in Washington D.C. for the first papal visit to the U.S. since 1965. If you’re not Catholic and don’t know a ton about the guy, I recommend googling “cool pope.” When I couldn’t remember his name a few months ago, this search served me well. The visit, which includes stops to New York and the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia, is a big deal — so much so that officials are calling it the “largest security challenge ever for the NYPD,” CBS News reported.

But is it a bigger deal than Pizza Rat? Honestly, the only subject that’s being reported on as much as the Cool Pope is this little rat that could. While the rat didn’t upstage Pope Francis per se, he has already received over two million views already. The good news is you don’t have to chose between them when it it comes to who’s having the bigger week. Actually, when you break it down, these two have a lot more in common than you would think.

1. They both love pizza!

Though you’re all full aware of how Pizza Rat feels about Italian food, Pope Francis is also a big fan of it. He has been quoted as saying, “The only thing I would like is to be able to go out one day, without being recognized, and go to a pizzeria to eat a pizza.” When Enzo Cacialle of Pizzeria Don Ernesto heard this, he hand delivered The Pope his very own pie to his pope mobile.

2. They Totally Get Poor People

Also known as The People’s Pope, Francis has attempted to use his position and the media to raise awareness about poverty. He’s done a lot more than talk about it too, from donating Vatican bonuses to charity  to auctioning off his Harley Davidson motorbike for the poor. Having lived on the street, Pizza Rat also understands the plight of the less fortunate, it’s just a lot harder for rats to give back. Unless you’re into garbage –then they got you.

3. They Don’t Totally Get Capitalism

Pope Francis has been an opponent of capitalism since the 1990s, a stance that has made some critics question if he fully understands how the economic system can be beneficial. This issue is debatable, but one thing is indisputable: Pizza Rat DEFINITELY doesn’t get capitalism (because he’s a rat).

4. They’re Not Icked Out By Feet 

If Pizza Rat was scared of feet, he would’ve never been able to become the viral sensation he was destined to be. As part of a yearly papal tradition, Pope Francis washed the feet of not one but 12 inmates this past April. These are two dudes who are totally fine with feet, even if it is for very different reasons.

5. They’re Not Here To Judge You

The Pope’s permission to priests  to forgive women who have had abortions may have been questionable, but it was something different coming from the the Vatican on the subject. In regards to homosexuality, he has also said, “Who am I to judge gay people?” And if there’s anyone else who’s not here judge, it’s our good buddy Pizza Rat. He’s here’s to eat pizza, obviously.

6. They’re On Social Media

Pope Francis has one official Twitter account where he tweets about issues like climate change to his seven million-plus followers. Pizza Rat, both being new and a rodent, has inspired several people to set up Twitter accounts on his behalf. Thus far, @NYCPizzaRat seems to be the most active, but @PizzaRatSays also exists. However, the classic @PizzaRat seems to be a handle that was changed after the user first joined in 2009. As a result it looks like you can see Pizza Rat’s thoughts from as early as 2010, though they are not as evolved as The Pope’s ideas.

7. They Have A Ton Of Heat Right Now

They are each so hot right now, you’d think they had the same publicist. Religion doesn’t have to be your thing and neither does pizza, but arguing against these two parties is a pointless exercise. Pizza Rat might speak to different people on the Internet and outside of the church, but both of these guys are arguably doing the Lord’s work (even if you don’t believe in that L-word). Now if we could just get them in the same room together, then it would be a real party.