This Comedian Might Be A 10-Year-Old Girl, But She’s Already Slinging Jokes Like A Pro

Saffron Herndon (some people call her Saffy) is only 10 years old, but don’t let that fool you. She’s been performing stand-up comedy for over two years now and has been featured in festivals throughout the country, according to her website. The fact that she has a website puts her ahead of most aspiring comedians two years into the game, but Saffy isn’t new. She’s following the lead of her comedian father, Steve Herndon (not to be confused with the football player).

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The act of getting on stage and performing anything at that age is impressive enough. Saffron hasn’t just done that, she’s stuck with it and judging from her dark yet well-developed sense of humor, this hard work is paying off.

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From her hilarious memes to her YouTube videos, Herndon has been blowing up the Internet the past few days from new fans discovering the kid killing it. While some people can’t believe a young girl could come up with this kind of material, she disputed this. “I do write my own material. I do collaborate with others, like most comedians,” she told Buzzfeed.

Look just because she’s a little girl in real life, does not mean she can’t be a beast on stage. Keep on fighting the good fight, Saffy. We’re so happy you didn’t go into beauty pageants instead.

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