Straight Guys Make Out To Spite Kim Davis As She Continues To Not Do Her Job

Homophobe, jailbird, and Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis returned to work last week and in a move that should shock zero people is still refusing to do her job. Despite the orders she was given by Judge David Bunning to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, Davis instead confiscated all the marriage license forms that bore her name and the name of Rowan County and replaced them with forms that listed Deputy Clerk Brian Mason as a notary public.

Her lawyers called this a good faith effort to comply with Judge Bunning’s orders. Now that the ACLU is filing a motion against Davis for these invalid forms, her lawyers are also saying that the ACLU wants “her scalp to hang on the wall as a trophy.” Yep, her lawyers have now compared her to a Jew in Nazi Germany and claimed that the ACLU using the proper legal channels of the American judicial system to point out the fact that the woman is just not doing her job as the court ordered is precisely the same thing as Kim Davis being scalped. Just so we’re all clear, the image this is supposed to evoke, I assume, is of American colonists scalping Native Americans as the colonists committed a genocide. Davis’ lawyers are a zero-logic ouroboros, and also racist.

Meanwhile, by the way, the hashtag #KissesForKim is trending on Twitter and Instagram after hetero vloggers Jericho Davidson and Michael Albanese posted a YouTube video encouraging everyone – hetero and otherwise – to grab their closest friend and give ‘em a smackeroo to show Kim Davis that love exists everywhere and will always win. (Also that she’s beautiful and they love her, too. Aww, I like nice people.) Ergo, enjoy these photos of hetero dudes kissing to spite Kim Davis:


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