Peter Dinklage Maybe Spit His Gum Into His Wife’s Mouth Before Emmy Speech

Peter Dinklage is brilliant on “Game of Thrones,” but he’s also humble — his win for Best Supporting Actor at Sunday’s Emmy Awards came as a genuine surprise to the actor, who has won the award once before. He was so prepared to lose, in fact, that he didn’t come prepared with a speech and was still chewing gum when his win was announced. That’s exactly how he put it on stage, in fact — was chewing gum. The folks at Distractify realized that between hearing his name announced and taking the stage, Dink had to have disposed of his gum somehow — and in a series of GIFs, the site makes the case that he actually spit his gum into his wife’s mouth.



So here’s what went down. Dink’s category was announced and he was shown in the audience, smacking on some chew. After he won, Dinklage initially went in for one celebratory smooch from wife Erica Schmidt, then seemingly realized he still had gum in his mouth. While Schmidt gestures her hand out as if to suggest he place his chewed wad there, Dink instead went in for a second kiss, after which Schmidt put her hands over her mouth, laughing. On stage, Dink then referenced his gum in the past tense.

So there you have it. Peter Dinklage and his wife not only swap spit, but swap spit-covered gum too. Romantic! [Distractify]