One Million Moms Says The New “Muppets” Is Perverted, Calls For Cancellation

The nutty conservative media-watch group One Million Moms is extremely concerned about the new “Muppets” show that debuts tonight, and has started a petition to try to pressure ABC to cancel it.

The group, which famously caused a ruckus over J.C. Penney using Ellen DeGeneres in their ads because gay people are *~eViL~*, says that the new show is “perverted,” taking issue especially with Miss Piggy’s pro-choice feminism and “promiscuity,” and an ad featuring Kermit that had copy about “full-frontal nudity” (because, LOL, Kermit doesn’t wear pants). The petition complains that the show is “aimed at a mature, modern audience,” which is pretty hilarious, because it means that One Million Moms admits that its members are immature and backward.

The petition also says that the “Muppets” reboot “is not the show it once was,” as in, the show has changed since the 1970s. Yep! A lot of things have changed since the 1970s, actually. You know what we didn’t have in the 1970s? Commercial MRI scanners, a vaccine for Hepatitis A, a vaccine for Hepatitis B, commercially available Statins (cholesterol drugs), ICSI (a form of in vitro fertilization), the HPV vaccine, MS-DOS, IBM personal computers, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Word, the World Wide Web, web browsers, the Nicotine patch, the concept of bait cars, the Channel Tunnel, the Space Shuttle, digital cellular phones, Doppler radar, HIV protease inhibitors, artificial livers, hybrid cars, laser cataract surgery, VoIP and internet-based telephone calls (think Skype), Global Positioning Systems, PDFs, JPEG files, broadband internet, Google, Wi-Fi, the Equal Rights Amendment, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and e-mail. I would mention PowerPoint, too, but I think we all agree that PowerPoint really is perverse and wrong and that all of our classes and meetings would be better off without it.

Anyway, ABC isn’t going to cancel the show, and I say that not because ABC has released a statement saying so, but because this petition is ridiculous and is probably intended more to drum up publicity for One Million Moms surrounding the launch of a show that’s going to have a lot of viewership rather than being based on actual concern over the content of the show. That could be my modern cynicism talking, though.

[h/t Fortune]

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