Pharma-bro Martin Shkreli Is A Multi-Faceted Jerk, Also Enjoys Harassing People!

Surprise, surprise! Martin Shkreli, who is possibly the most hated person on the internet this week (although please, please let someone at Breitbart defend him, please) is a multi-faceted douchebag. Not only does he enjoy raising prices 5000 percent on needed medications, contemplating human suffering and the directorial work of Eli Roth (as per his now deleted OKCupid profile), he also enjoys hacking his rivals and harassing their wives and children like a goddamned psycho!

According to a police report, a former co-worker of Shkreli’s, Timothy Pierotti, claims that Shkreli was harassing him and his family for reasons related to ongoing civil litigation between the two. Shkreli reportedly hacked his email accounts, and repeatedly contacted his wife and children online in order to yell at them about Pierotti supposedly owing him money.

shkreli police report

Shkreli reportedly friended Pierotti’s son on Facebook in order to whine about how Pierotti had betrayed him.

shkreli 1
shkreli 2

After he was blocked by the son, Shkreli moved on to emailing and text messaging Pierotti’s wife with similar threats throughout the year of 2013.

shkreli letter
shkreli facebook

Not to mention the fact that he reportedly kept texting her “Hey Sweetheart” all the time.

shkreli text messages


Naturally, Shkreli denied even knowing the Pierottis, but apparently settled out of court for an undisclosed amount of money.

I’m gonna say it’s pretty unlikely that this will be the last we hear about what a ginormous a-hole Martin Shkreli is. He’s a disgusting person, and if I believed in souls I would say he clearly didn’t have one. He is indisputably a bad person, which I guess is why I have yet to read even a Breitbart column defending him. It is entirely possible that he will someday end up in prison if this is the way he handles things.

However, again, it would be really great if people could take their anger at Martin Shkreli and direct it at the system that enables him to be so terrible. Because he wouldn’t be able to do what he did if he didn’t have our express legal permission to do so. The problem is that instead of making rules, we’re relying on assholes who pull this kind of shit to be good, decent people who won’t screw us over, which is pretty damned foolish of us.