Dangerous: The Starbucks App Now Lets You Order And Pay Ahead Of Time

Uh oh: Just in time for PSL season, Starbucks has launched a new feature on the Starbucks app that lets you order and pay for your drink ahead of time, alerting you when it’s ready and letting you skip the line.

The feature was tested in Portland, and not at all shockingly, customers loved it. This is dangerous stuff, though. I started getting drinks at Starbucks as “an indulgence” (I can’t put enough scare quotes around the term) a few weeks ago, until I realized that the $20 I had spent in the course of four or five days could have gone to a whole month’s worth of some of my bills, or toward, like, at least two books. Everyone knows it’s more expensive to buy coffee than to make it at home, but it’s particularly bad with Starbucks – you can save upwards of $853 in a year if you opt for your own brew.

Plus, there’s the whole issue of what Dan Ariely calls the “pain of paying” – the further away you get from handling your cash, the more you’re likely to spend. Because you can’t see the money literally leaving your hands, even debit and credit cards feel better to spend on than hard cash, and it’s even worse for digital payments. It’s like your brain doesn’t even register that you’re spending money at all.

Be careful with this, guys! And remember: Dirty chai rules, PSL drools.

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