Celeb Finance Firm Said Rihanna Is Hot Because She “Isn’t Too Dark”

You know what’s cool? Being rich and famous and successful enough to require the use of a financial manager to take care of all of your money. You know what’s not that cool? When the firm you’ve chosen to use is staffed by men who feel it’s cool to say terribly sexist and racist things about their client. One of their clients is Rihanna. What did they say about Rihanna? That she’s  “hot” because she’s “not too dark.” Yeah?

According to papers filed in a Manhattan court, Flynn Family Office partner Alan Kufeld spent a lot of his time not managing other peoples’ money like he’s supposed to, but saying things about his employees, like how a former assistant “lost points in his eyes because she was too dark.”

The lawsuit — filed by a former employee, Robert Solomon — states that Kufeld had a tendency to categorize women’s attractiveness based on their skin color and tone.  He would regularly comment on how attractive the female clients of FFO were, and once gave “a monologue on what Caribbean nationalities were the most attractive based on skin tone.” Colorism and financial management, in the same place? What fun!

FFO is an organization that makes a point to seek out wealthy and powerful women as clients, and the fact that the rampant sexism, misogyny and casual racism is perpetuated and performed by the very person who’s in charge of their money is appalling. But, if you ask FFO, they haven’t done anything wrong. Here’s their version of the standard “I-fucked-up- but-I’m-covering-my-ass-by-denying-it” boilerplate issued in these scenarios:

“We at FFO have always championed the rights of women and minorities, particularly in the workplace… The complaint filed today is without merit, and we intend to defend vigorously against these baseless claims.”

Yep. Totally. That sounds very sincere. [NY Post]