WTF Am I Looking At?

Please, take a look at the photo above. Study it. Squint your eyes if you have to and consider the possibilities. What do you think you are looking at? Is it:

  1. An artist’s recreation of Donald Trump’s toupee, snatched from his head
  2. A dead Yorkie
  3. $1800 slip-on loafers by Gucci
  4. The clip-in hair piece that was once part of someone’s 2012 Kate Gosselin Halloween costume
  5. A small pile of merkins

The answer is…..

…here it comes…

…pause for suspense…

…TA-DA! Gucci’s $1800 Princetown loafers!


They are made out of genuine goat fur, which is sure to be ruined the second you trot these bad boys out into the real world. I really appreciate that made sure to photograph them from all angles, so customers know what they’re getting. Please, if you happen to see a real live human wearing these in public, do whatever you need to in order to snap their photo and send it to me. I cannot fathom that these are not a joke.