New Jail Security Policy Tells Attorneys To Take Off Their Bras Before Visiting Clients In Custody

As satisfying as taking your bra off can be, being ordered to do so can have the opposite, enraging effect. Being told to take off your bra in the workplace seems like it should be definite sexual harassment, but in the Cumberland County Jail in Portland, Maine, it’s just a matter of security. It’s also a matter of breasts, nipples and professionalism, which is where things get complicated.

Earlier this month, attorney Amy Fairfield learned the hard way that metal detectors could not tell the difference between bras and guns, the Portland Press Herald originally reported. When she walked through the security scanner on her way to visit her client, Fairfield set off the metal detectors. Then the deputy on duty suggested it was her underwire causing the censors to go off and said that she should remove her bra. She claims that when she refused to do so, she was denied access to her client.


The new policy, which the deputy said was instituted by the jail administrator, Maj. John Costello, is a bad idea, not to mention difficult to enforce, especially with a female attorney. As if she didn’t already know how to sue the crap out of you.

Sheriff Kevin Joyce responded to Fairfield’s allegations, saying that the policy isn’t about bras, it’s about being strict with metal detectors. And being strict they are, as Joyce noted another complaint from another attorney, Gina Yamartino, who was also recently denied entry because of her bra.

Thanks to Fairfield, this policy is now under review and will hopefully be changed. After all, something as awesome as taking your bra off doesn’t need to be tainted by yet another rule. [Portland Press Herald]